We believe if you have acquired a Classe Italiana, you are well aware of shoe care and maintenance  practices.

However, the different types of leather we select and use may require some special cleaning  techniques to ensure your shoe retains its splendour for a long time to come.

For a brand new shoe, we recommend that:

You should wear the shoes for a period of 3 to 4 hours initially and then gradually increase the time span so that the fibre of the sole breaks in the direction that you walk and the upper adjusts around the shape of your forefoot and instep. Lace up your shoes tightly to allow this in the most accurate way.

Our Tips:

There is a moulded layer of leather that shapes the heel of your shoes. Always use a shoe horn to preserve its shape and grip around your heel.

Always put the shoetree back inside the shoes as soon as you take them off.

Store your shoes in a non-humid environment in order to allow the leather to air out naturally.

After using your shoes for a day or two, let them rest for a day. A full day rest in a dry environment, with the dedicated shoe tree, will allow the organic fibre of upper, sole and threads to relax and release humidity absorbed, thus stretching them back to their original posture and tension. In damp and rainy environments, please allow your shoes to dry for at least 24 hours before wearing them again.

Assuming your shoes have rested at least overnight, brush them off in the morning when they are dry. Use a long crine brushfor the upper and a welt brush for the corners between the welt and the upper.

Leather, like our skin, tends to dry-up. We suggest regular use of amoisturizing shoe cream in a lighter shade of your shoes’ colour (or even natural, if you wish) to refurbish the original colour. Attend to one shoe at a time with a clean, soft cotton cloth wrapped around your fingers. Scoop up a small quantity of cream and apply the cream in a circular motion to make sure it gets absorbed into the leather. Use light pressure over the creases and superficial scratches. If necessary, apply another quick round of cream, about 30 minutes after the first one. After a couple of hours, brush them to remove the clogs of cream and dust that might have formed in the creases and near the welt. Use a clean cotton cloth to remove the excess of cream.

While shoe cream refurbishes colours and moisturises the leather, wax polishprotects it. Werecommend applying a film of wax once the shoes have been completely moisturised, one shoe at a time – since the leather is so natural and open it may absorb some of the wax that was previously applied. At times, you might not need to apply more wax but rather refresh the existing one – heat up the shoe with a hairdryer for a few minutes and rub it firmly with a soft wool cloth. The heat will soften the wax and extract it from the leather enhancing the shine.

If this procedure does not give results, before moisturising and waxing the leather, clean the shoes thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth and some drops of denaturalized alcohol and let them dry up for a few minutes. Then proceed with regular maintenance.

General Instructions:

  • Patent Leather:
  • We recommend a dry cloth swipe across the shiny upper
  • Natural Crust:
  • We recommend leather waxing with a soft cloth
  • Suede:
  • We recommend brushing with a stiff bristle brush to remove spots and a natural suede spray
  • Nubuck:
  • We recommend natural neutral cream spray and brushing


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