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Wholesale shoes suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributers

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                                         Classeitalianashoes.com offers wholesale shoes at very low prices in Inida. As a Wholesale Shoes Supliers, distributors and Manufacturers in India our company has a large selection of mens branded italian leather shoes for at a great wholesale price.  If there is anything that we can do to help you! That is our main goal. we supply you with all kind of italaian leather shoes .The web's most popular wholesale shoes supliers in Bangalore, India, will do the legwork for you. We will keep you posted with the latest styles and hottest deals our exclusive line and dozens of other leading vendors at their lowest prices.

  Crafted to withstand the test of time, we at Classe Italiana ensure that our shoes are created from the best quality leather that is procured from across the world. 

Wholesale shoes suppliers, Manufacturers and Distributers
"Our craftsmanship presents quality at its very best"

We select a variety of prime quality skins from across the world, including Italy, for its sole and lining. With a hundred percent leather finish, our craftsmanship presents quality at its very best, so that your shoes will last a lifetime. A large amount of care and detail goes into the process of making each and every shoe, with emphasis on the little details. We use the latest technology and employ unique skin handling techniques to create exotic and timeless designs while retaining the natural features of the shoe, so that you can put your best foot forward every time. 

At Classe, we’ve developed a range of unique designs tailor made to the modern as well as classic gentleman.  From Oxfords and Derbys to Chukkas and Loafers, we wish to satisfy your every need and want and hope to do so in the future as well. 



                         Besides the online retail outlet Classe Italiana has a Bangalore based outlet selling wholesale shoes for men. The well crafted and best quality products at cheap and affordable rates make it a perfect destination for wholesale purchase of men’s shoes. As footwear wholesalers in Bangalore they have the widest range of elegantly designed men’s footwear that catch customer eyes and are often sold quickly at good profit margins.

These Italy based shoe manufacturers, manufacture shoes making a combination of aspiration and affordability .As wholesale distributors Classe Italiana brings you a range of cheap wholesale shoes. With the finest group of Italian craftsmen and the best quality leather the brand not only suits customer needs but also helps you create your own lustrous brand .You can now buy some bulk of shoes wholesale from these shoe manufacturers and sell it under your own brand name.

The country wide(India) distribution channel of Classe Italiana enables retailing companies over the nation to have access to wholesale branded shoes at reasonable rates. We as shoe manufacturers and wholesale distributors in Bangalore - India not only ensure good quality but also cheap prices. Usually distributors charge inflated prices than what is charged by the manufacturers for the product. But since we manufacture, we distribute there's no price inflation unless the delivery location makes shipping freight costly.

As shoe manufacturers and wholesale distributors Classe Italiana knows what retailers look for when selecting suppliers.

  • Price- The greatest concern for every retailer is the price. Though we know the invoice and the amount of purchase are not all about suppliers. There's much more to a supplier. Classe Italiana is also a wholesale distributor selling men’s wholesale shoes at highly discounted rates. Cheapest prices are ensured with regard to retailers’ location, distance and purchase quantity.
  • Reliability- is a key factor to look for in suppliers. Amidst other wholesale distributers Classe Italiana ensures that you get the right number of items, on time and in proper shape. With resources to backup sources and system we manage anything that goes wrong and assure you of perfect delivery.
  • Stability- we know is a prerequisite before you sign up with wholesale suppliers. Classe Italiana has been in a stable position as shoe manufacturers and wholesale distributors in men’s leather shoes so far. Having a good reputation with the resellers they have worked with and the brand is dedicated to spread its name over the country as wholesale distributors and suppliers.


To grab on some more traits:

  • Classe Italiana brings you the latest and fashionable shoes that are highly saleable to Indian customers    across the country at good prices.
  • Our employees are well trained to handle every aspect of this business with perfection. We ensure you have disappointment when buying with us.
  • We provide you the most convenient and attractive financial terms on purchases. Each of your purchases with us will keep you at a beneficial position.




  • What is the range of wholesale lot size?

You can get any number of pairs of shoes. We sell in lots ranging from 200 to as many as 2000.


  • How can retailers place order?

Please Contact at +919880475284


  • Where are the shoes manufactured? What is the material?

The shoes are manufactured in the factories of Italy and are subsequently brought  to India. The shoes are made of best quality Italian leather.   We have employed five designers (3 from Italy and 2 from Paris) to design our limited edition shoes.     


  • Why I need to buy at Classe italiana?
              We are a brand named "Classè Italiana", an(Italian Design) shoe brand. We have a designer men’s shoe boutique located in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Our shoes are designed in Florence, Italy which is the hub of iconic shoe designers. We have employed five designers (3 from Italy and 2 from Paris) to design our limited edition shoes. The shoe comes to India as completely knocked down kits and are assembled in our own factory. Our price range starts from Inr. 3,500/- onwards upto Inr.11,000/- . Our each pair of handcrafted shoes are a blend of class and comfort. We source the best leather for our shoes from all across the globe. Please visit our website : www.classeitalianashoes.com for details on our shoes. 

               We also manufacture international brands like Zara, Geox, Chicco, Miss sixty, Eram, Marks and Spencer, Calvin klein and many more.

As you know, the men footwear market is flooded with cheap, mass produced imports which mean that customers are often presented with the same shoes over and over by different retail outlets; this of course does diminish the value of the product in the eyes of the potential customer and gives retailers such as yourself  less opportunity to make a profit in these challenging economic times.
Contact : +919880475284


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Buy men's luxury dress shoes online or in store at classe italiana which is having very best quality of italian Leather, Formal, Party, office shoes. Shop men shoes online at very best offer prices.
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